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Thai Food in Manchester, New Hampshire

For home-style Thai food made with your satisfaction in mind, look no further than Lakorn Thai. Our dine-in restaurant is located in Manchester, New Hampshire.

A Taste of Thailand

Our Thai restaurant is the ideal destination for everyone from seasoned Thai food enthusiasts to friends and families who just want to try something new. The authenticity of our cuisine is unparalleled, and we have a low-carb, vegetarian, and all-ages dinner and lunch menu.

Important Menu Notes

• Dinner Appetizers in Brackets Contain No Meat
• All Chef's Suggestions and Giant Specialty Dinners Come with Jasmine Rice
• Lunch Menu Items Marked with Asterisks Are Spicy — You May Specify Mild, Medium, Hot, or Very Hot

Noodles, Thai Food in Manchester, NH
Dinner — Our Dish Types
Dinner — Our Appetizers
Dinner — Our Soups
• Hot and Spicy Pan-Fried
• Non-Spicy Pan-Fried
• Thai Noodles and Fried Rice
• Curry
• Curry Puff
• Dumpling
• Golden Triangles
• Bangkok Tofu
• Tofu Tamarind
• Hoy Jor
• Thai Satay
• Siam Roll
• Tod Mann
• Dumpling Chicken
• Tom Yum Salmon or Chicken
  or Shrimp
• Tom Kha Ghai or Salmon
• Giant Hot and Sour Soup


Dinner — Our Chef's Suggestions
Dinner — Our Lakornthai Specialties
Dinner — Our Entrees
• Giant Greenshell Mussels
• Lemon Scallops
• Mango Sriracha with Chicken
• Mango and Chicken Yellow Curry
• Salmon 3 Ros
• Salmon Green Curry
• Gai and Thai Black Peppers
• Orange Duck
• Garlic Chicken and Shrimp
• Soy Sauce Chicken Massaman
• Chicken with Mango and Cashews
• Pla Khing Koong
  (Deep Fried Fillet of Fish)
• Pla Chili Sauce
  (Deep Fried Fillet of Fish)
• Duck Chili Sauce
• Drunken Noodles
• Siam Delight
• Siam Noodles
• Pan-Fried Egg Noodles

Dinner — Our Side Orders
Dinner — Our Miscellaneous Meals Lunch — Our Famous Thai Noodles and Fried Rice
Lunch — Our  Lakornthai Specialties

• Steamed Jasmine Rice
  (Small Bowl)

• Tofu or Vegetables
• Chicken or Beef
• Pork...
• Seafood...

• Chicken Pad Thai
• Shrimp Pad Thai
• Tofu Pad Thai
• Plain Pad Thai
• Chicken Thai Fried Rice
• Shrimp Thai Fried Rice
• Tofu Thai Fried Rice
• Plain Thai Fried Rice
• Pad Thai
• Rad Na
• Shrimp Fried Rice
• Khau Pad Kra Paow
• Hawaiian Fried Rice
• Thai Lo Main Chicken
• Gai Khong Garlic and Pepper
• Shrimp and Squid Cashews
• Duck and Shrimp Chili Sauce
• Scallops and Duck Oranges
• Soy Sauce Chicken and Scallops
• Mango and Chicken Yellow Curry
• Siam Mango Chicken and Shrimp
• Hawaiian Fried Rice

Contact us in Manchester, New Hampshire, to speak to us about our Thai food menu.